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 Our Mulch Product Offerings

Adding mulch to your garden substantially increases a plant’s lifespan by creating a nutrient enriched environment in which they can grow. This allows the development of a longer, thicker root system, which contributes to the plant’s overall health.

A healthy-looking garden greatly enhances the curb appeal of your home and increases its market value. Real estate agents often suggest applying a fresh layer of bark mulch in and around garden areas before placing a property on the market.

Pine Bark Mulch

Our all-natural Pine Bark Mulch is one of the most popular products on the market. Medium or dark brown in color, it enhances the natural beauty of your flowerbeds and gardens and adds rich nutrients to the soil.

Red, Brown and Black Colored Pine Mulch- Pine Mulch that is color enhanced with an environmentally safe colorant.  Medium texture and color that will last the entire season.

Spruce Bark Mulch

Spruce and Fir Bark Mulch aged over the winter to give it a nice dark brown color. Our most aromatic bark mulch.

Hemlock Bark Mulch

Long considered the “best-of-the-best” among our 100-percent all-natural products, Hemlock Bark Mulch is a rich, reddish-brown in color and lasts longer than any other mulch on the market. Its distinctive qualities make green shrubs and colorful flower gardens really standout.

Premium Color-Enhanced Hemlock Mulch

Our Premium Color-Enhanced Hemlock Bark Mulch is all-natural with just a touch of red coloring added to it to ensure longer-lasting color and a pleasant fresh-ground scent.

Natural Cedar Mulch

The natural pest control qualities of our all-natural Natural Cedar Mulch offers the best “bug resistance” of all our mulches. It tends to lighten up quicker than most of our other products.

Premium Color-Enhanced Black Cedar Mulch

Our Black Cedar Mulch is the same as our Color-Enhanced Brown Cedar Mulch but with black coloring added.

Premium Color-Enhanced Red Cedar Bark Mulch

Our Red Cedar Mulch is the same as our Color-Enhanced Brown Cedar Mulch with red coloring added.

Forest Blend or Hardwood Mulch

Dark brown in color, our double-ground general purpose Forest Blend Mulch offers an affordable alternative to our premium products.

Playground Wood Surfacing

Clean sawmill wood chips are double-ground to form a tight surface, springy surface to walk and play on. This product is specially made for playgrounds and recreational areas. It offers excellent shock absorption qualities and complies with ASTMF-1292-95 and F-355-95 testing for Head Injury, (G) Rating, and Flammability.

Sawmill Wood Chips

Clean sawmill wood chips are made from fresh, virgin wood and contain no yard waste, demolition material, crushed pallets, branches or roadside debris.

Other Products

In addition to our complete line of Bark Mulches shown above, we also offer quality Firewood and Topsoil.

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