25 Sam West Road Southwick, MA 01077
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Family Owned & Operated

Established in 1988, T. J. Bark Mulch, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located at 25 Sam West Road, Southwick, Massachusetts.   We have been at this location since 2002.  It is a 40 acre site located just off the state highway, only 4 miles from the Granby, Connecticut, border. See map for directions.

We are the region’s leading producer of all-natural bark mulch, playground wood surfacing, colored mulches, firewood and topsoil.

Each year our company fills more than 30 acres of land with 15 different kinds of Bark Mulch and related products. Most of the bark we use in the manufacturing process comes from northern New England and Canada, and is brought to our facility all year round.

At the time the business was started, we offered just one type of material: premium high quality pine bark mulch. Now, 22 years later, we not only continue to offer our signature all-natural bark mulch but have expanded our product to encompass 13 additional products including a lower-grade commercial mulch, several new medium grade varieties and a wide assortment of premium bark mulches. See our Products section for additional information.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we produce our own line of colored mulches offered in the most popular colors: red, black, brown, and maroon available in pine, cedar, and hemlock. All of our colorants are environmentally safe. They are specially formulated to be non-toxic to children, plants, and animals.

As the popularity of mulching grew, unfortunately so did the widespread introduction of lower-grade material into the industry. It is not uncommon for some dealers to add yard waste, leaves, weeds and dead rotting wood into the mulch products they offer for sale or just use the lower-grade material while still calling it “bark mulch.”

By using a high grade, clean premium mulch you are less likely to attract harmful insects and other garden pests into your garden. As the number of sawmills declines and the source of raw materials dwindles, the bark mulch industry is faced with new challenges. Although it would be easy to succumb to pressure, T. J. Bark Mulch, Inc., has and always will refuse to use potentially harmful material in the manufacture of our products.

It is our belief that if you should feel good about the material you put in your yard; that it is the safest, cleanest product on the market. After all, your children, your pets and you deserve to have a safe, hazard free environment in which to live and grow.