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Premium Topsoil for a thriving Garden

At TJ Bark Mulch we give you the best, most earth-friendly topsoil around. Our commitment is to provide you with the finest, most sustainable topsoil, making sure your garden yields the most rewarding results.

Food for Your Plants

Our topsoil is packed with all the good stuff plants need to grow up healthy and strong. From vegetables to flowers, our topsoil makes sure your plants get the nutrients they need from the very start.

Yard with Topsoil Plus delivery and installation

Topsoil Plus

The Ultimate Boost for Your Garden

Topsoil Plus is a fantastic mix of our best topsoil combined with rich compost and essential minerals. This unique combination ensures that your plants don’t just grow; they thrive, becoming bigger and healthier faster. If you’re dreaming of a garden with the most beautiful flowers and the tastiest vegetables, Topsoil Plus is the secret ingredient you need.

Elevate Your Garden

Topsoil Plus is more than just soil; it’s a complete care package for your garden. Packed with nutrients that help them grow strong and sturdy, the compost in Topsoil Plus is like a nutrient-rich meal for your plants. Don’t just plant seeds; invest in a healthier, more vibrant garden. Your plants will be bigger and more fruitful, and your garden will be a joy to behold.


Organic Topsoil

The Perfect Bed for Seeds

Seeds are tiny, but they dream big. Our topsoil makes the perfect cozy bed for these little dreams to start growing. It helps them put down roots and sprout up strong, turning into the beautiful plants and delicious vegetables you love.

A Home for Tiny Helpers

Did you know there are tiny creatures living in the soil that help your garden? They’re too small to see, but they’re very important. Our topsoil is their favorite place to live, work, and help your garden bloom.


Ready to see your garden happier than ever? With our top-notch topsoil, your plants will grow bigger, brighter, and healthier!